Your anti-ageing food supplement

EstheMedis, the centre for a new kind of beauty in the heart of Switzerland and an expert in anti-ageing, has created a new food supplement to improve the quality and appearance of your skin from the inside. MyCollagenLift, with its concentration of marine collagen, responds to the fundamental problem of skin ageing. The combination of active ingredients allows the skin to regenerate, rehydrate and recover its radiance and firmness.


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Beauty and anti-aging properties

It’s the combination of marine collagen and multiple active ingredients that makes MyCollagenLift a unique product. MyCollagenLift is a food supplement that works from the inside and improves your skin’s evenness, tone, elasticity, hydration and firmness. Proven results: 100% positive feedback, with visible changes in just a few weeks.
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But also…

As well as its beauty and anti-aging properties, MyCollagenLift offers a range of other benefits, including hydration and better energy levels, helping to manage joint pain and supporting weight control.
It is an innovative anti-aging nutricosmetic that offers you well-being from the inside out.
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Product developed in Switzerland by anti-ageing experts

Our formula has been developed exclusively in Switzerland, by experts in anti-ageing aesthetic medicine and biochemistry.

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Natural nutri-cosmeceutical

MyCollagenLift has been developed without additives, colorants, dispersants or synthetic fragrances.

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Nourishes and acts inside your skin cells

Triple action to stimulate, nourish and protect your skin.

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Discovery Offer
1 month cure
120€ the box
My Pure Skin Shop Pack Silver
Silver Pack
3 boxes = 3 months cure = 345€
115€ the box
My Pure Skin Shop Pack Platine
Platinum Pack
6 boxes = 6 months cure = 660€
110€ the box