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MyCollagenLift was designed by EstheMedis, the leading centre for aesthetic medicine

What is EstheMedis ?

EstheMedis, the centre for aesthetic medical science in the heart of Switzerland, at the Clinique de Genolier, and an expert in anti-ageing and slimming, has worked with a team of chemists, dermatologists and doctors to design and develop a food supplement to improve the appearance of your skin from the inside.

EstheMedis’ strength lies in its use of the latest developments in biotechnology and biochemistry, and the expertise and experience of its teams. The centre’s specialists use combined treatments, which are designed to regenerate, regulate and remodel the skin and tissues to achieve visible, lasting results.

By combining advanced technology, listening and know-how, EstheMedis offers its clients personalised services that range from facial care (wrinkles, imperfections, etc.) to permanent epilation and the treatment of cellulite. All its treatments are gentle and non-surgical.

My Pure Skin Histoire Tatiana Brandt

The centre’s director, Tatiana Brandt, is keen to extend and expand the results of its treatments and has focused her efforts on identifying the most effective active ingredients to create a comprehensive product. The formulation developed by the centre’s team of anti-ageing experts (chemists, dermatologists and doctors) addresses the fundamental problem of skin ageing. The combination of various active ingredients allows the skin to regenerate, rehydrate and recover its radiance and firmness. MyCollagenLift improves skin hydration, tone and elasticity.


Find out more about Esthemedis: https://www.esthemedis.ch/en/

Firm skin with a healthy glow requires a combination of three actions: Cell stimulation, for better absorption and synthesis of nutrients, cell nutrition, to strengthen the structure of the dermis, and finally cell protection, to guard against damage to skin cells caused by oxidative stress.
Tatiana Brandt, the director of EstheMedis